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Welcome to Folklore Fairy Garden!
I am the Folklore Fairy, cultivator of our plants and vegetables. We have a greenhouse where we grow plants and vegetables that you can buy. All of my plants are grown and propagated by me, and my fairy decor is mostly hand made. So stop by and say “Hi” to me and the fish in our outdoor pond.

I propagate succulents, cacti and houseplants, then pot them in recycled pottery, glasses, cups and anything that looks fanciful for the plant to call its home. We also have a large vegetable garden and sell all naturally grown vegetables at our store throughout the summer and fall months.

I am now shipping my plants to those who wish to have a part of my fairy garden in your home. They are carefully packed and shipped out priority mail to make sure they survive the roadtrip adventure to your home.

Also, make sure you like my page on Facebook to keep up-to-date on my gardening adventures!

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