Love Flowers “How-to”

Love Flowers “How To”

Love Flowers

These are cute, simple flowers you can make for yourself or the person you love. They take about 5 minutes to make one at first, 60 seconds when you make a bunch of them.


Let’s get started!


The supplies you will need are:
Artificial Flowers
22 Gauge Floral Wire
Heart Buttons
Vintage or New Buttons
Vintage or New Beads
Needle-nose Pliers



1. Pull a flower off the stem/bush.


Flower Deconstructed

2. Deconstruct the flower petals by removing the center plastic stamen.


Two Flowers from One

3. Sometimes petals will need to be joined to make a single new flower.


Flower Parts

4. One stemmed flower will make two new flowers here. Pick out a heart button, large plain button, fancy button and a bead for each flower.


24 inches of wire


5. Cut a piece of 22 gauge floral wire at 24 inches long with your needle nose pliers cutter.


Feb_14 169

6. Bend the wire in half, leaving a loop in the center.



7.Place the bead in the loop.


Fancy Button

8. Slide the fancy button on up to the bead.


Heart Button

9. Slide the heart button up to the fancy button.



10. Slide the petal(s) up to the heart button.


Plain Button

11. Slide the plain button up to the petal(s) and pull everything tightly together.


Hand Twist

12. Hand twist the wire to lock the pieces together.


Hold with Pliers

13. Take your needle nose pliers and hold the wire next to the plain button. Hand twist the wire all the way to the end.


Move Down the Twist

14. Move the pliers down the wire stem as needed as you hand twist the wire. Trim the end to make it look nice.


First Flower Done

15. Your first flower is done!


Second Flower

16. This flower made two new flowers. Here is the layout of the second flower. Notice there is no fancy button on this one. The heart button was too small to add another, so a bead was just placed instead. Follow all the previous steps.


Two Flowers Done

17.Now you have two love flowers to give to someone! We hope that you had fun making these! Be creative and make them fun!


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Art by DJ Phoenix

Art by DJ Phoenix